Before I die 33

I couldn’t close my eyes I was pacing all night


It's easy to fall in love But it's so hard to break somebody's heart

Crush på djurmönstrat?

Lunch, trasig arm och fina vänner

A Great Big World ~ Already Home

What seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield


And I find myself looking for you

Aldrig varit så glad över att se Muminhuset

I was scared to death I was losing my mind

Peace will come when one of us puts down the gun

No blood will spill if we both get out now, Still it's hard to put the fire out

And you said those three words I'd been waiting for, You became a part of me

Hard to remember what we left behind, But you're hand in mine is hard to erase

We are lost when we're together, But I'll follow you forever

Pärlan ~ vecka fjorton

Och där försvann min motivation till allt...

mon week-end

The city was on fire for us, We would've died for us

We've just one life to live

Before I die 32

My actions speak for what I can't say

A thousand needles in my heart, Show me the painful from the start

To the stable

April, lovely April